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In the heart of Frances’ beautiful Region of Provence the Arnaud family has been curing olives for three generations. Each fall a new crop of olives is picked, washed, and cured in a simple brine of sea salt and water. After four months of curing Arnaud® olives are seasoned with local Herbes de Provence, wild fennel, or mellow, roasted garlic… and finished with a dash of red wine vinegar and local sunflower oil for rich texture and delicious finish.

Arnaud® Fresh Olives are firm, crunchy, yet tender. After curing these olives are finished in flavorful brine, and packed in chilled pails. Fresh olives are considered the finest since they retain all the natural flavor of the freshly-picked fruit, with the bright, natural colors of a truly fresh product. Packed in chilled pails, fresh Arnaud olives are considered to have the freshest flavor of the Arnaud olive line.

Arnaud® Pasteurized Olives are cured in the identical way as fresh olives, but finished with full pasteurization. Pasteurized olives require no refrigeration. They are packed in Teflon-lined, rugged metal tins for maximum shelf life. These olives are lower in salt than fresh olives. They are somewhat softer, and have a delicious, lingering finish of Herbes de Provence, wild fennel, or roasted garlic.

Arnaud® Olive Tapenades are masterful spreads made of pureed olives, anchovies, capers, extra virgin olive oil and a dash of red wine vinegar. The two olive spreads, black and green, are perfect appetizers on crackers, toasts, sliced cucumbers, celery… and can be used to garnish grilled meats, poultry, and fish.

Arnaud® Provencal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of five different Provencal olive varieties: Salonenque, Blanquette, Verdale, Picholine, and Grossane. Each olive contributes its own special flavor. The result is a light-textured extra virgin that is bold and fruity, with a long, sweet olive finish.

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