Francesca di Monte®
Aged Balsamic Vinegars & Fine Italian Olive Oils

Francesca di Monte® genuine balsamic vinegars of Modena are produced by one of Northern Italy’s outstanding, small-production and family-owned balsamic vinegar makers.

Balsamic vinegar is the delicious combination of Italian Trebbiano red wine vinegar and Trebbiano grape must, fresh grape juice aged in barrels of various types of wood over long periods of time. The thick, syrupy must is transferred from barrel-to-barrel until it becomes deeply rich in flavor, and, after years of slow evaporation in the barrel, thick in consistency.

Francesca di Monte® balsamics include great-value everyday dark, and white balsamic, called 2 Leaf. Aged Francesca di Monte balsamics include 3 Leaf (with 10-year-old aged must); 4 Leaf (15 year) and the premium Invecchiato (15 year), rich and syrupy, and packed in a distinctive gift box. The Leaf System provides an accurate way to express both age and the quantity of must used in each recipe.

Retailers can choose from a full line of economy Francesca di Monte balsamics, to fine, very aged products that every consumer will appreciate.

Foodservice users of Francesca di Monte® balsamics can choose from two versatile 5 liter jerricans: Dark, and “White” Balsamic, a lightly-golden combination of white wine vinegar and grape must. White balsamics, while not aged, provide perfect harmony of sweetness and acidity for a wide variety of culinary applications… without the dark color of the traditional balsamic product. The flavorful grape must and lack of dark color make this product ideal for delicate salads, and anytime the dark color of traditional balsamic is not desired.

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