Gourmet Valley®
Specialty Rices & Heirloom Beans

Gourmet Valley® is an extraordinary line of delicious and nutritious rices grown around the world. These flavorful rice varietals include California Extra Fancy Wild Rice, and blends of Wild Rice, Indian Basmati, California Brown Rice, and Riz Rouge (“ree rouge”) from France’s wild Camargue salt marsh. Gourmet Valley® 6-Grain Medley is a healthful and beautiful combination of rices, hulless barley, rye berries and Black Japonica rice.

Gourmet Valley® rices can be combined with sautéed vegetables, nuts and proteins such as grilled shrimp or scallops, to make a complete meal.

Gourmet Valley® Heirloom Beans are ‘heirloom’ because have remained unmodified in their original genetic structure for over 100 years. Each beautiful bean variety cooks into spectacular dishes with bright, natural colors, firm and tender texture and outstanding flavor.

Complete cooking instructions and recipe ideas are on each Gourmet Valley® package of rice, and heirloom beans.
Profession chefs can access these delicious rices and beans in large, foodservice packs.

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