La Caperelle®
Capers, Caperberries, Garlic Gloves, & Green Peppercorns

La Caperelle® capers, caperberries, marinated garlic cloves and green peppercorns are Spain’s delightful pickled condiments. Grown throughout Southeastern Spain, tiny Lilliput, and nonpareil capers are actually tiny, unopened flower buds. While they look like berries they are actually tightly-closed flower buds, with tiny leaves.
Capers grow on low-lying bushes that trail through rocky hillsides of southeastern Andalucía. Capers are picked by hand, one-by-one, while the buds are still tightly closed.

When a caper flower matures it opens and produces a whole fruit, about the size of a green olive, on a long stem. That’s the caperberry. Tender caperberries work wonders in martinis, and in relish trays, where the subtle flavor the capers combines with the tender bite of the mature fruit, the caperberry.

La Caperelle® meaty garlic cloves are mild, with no harsh flavor or troublesome aftertaste. Pickled in sweet vinegar, these crunchy cloves are wonderful in salads, whole or diced.

La Caperelle® green peppercorns are firm, and bursting with green peppercorn flavor. Ideal for steak au poivre.

La Caperelle® capers and pickled fruits and vegetables give the home cook and professional chef a wide range of flavors to enhance hundreds of dishes.

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