Las Tapitas® Spanish Tapas Flatbreads
Spanish Tapas Flatbreads

Las Tapitas® Spanish Tapas Flatbreads are healthful, delicious, rustic crackers produced in Spain’s beautiful Andalucía Province.

These flatbreads are known locally in Spain as ‘Reganas.’ They were created in the 15th century, as a long-shelf life source of carbohydrates, consumed during the long ocean voyages of explorers such as Christopher Columbus. The classic bread recipe was augmented with the addition of extra virgin olive oil for flavor, nutrition, and longer life. ‘Reganas’ refers to ‘regaining’ needed calories during the long ocean voyages of that era.

Las Tapitas® Tapas Flatbreads are crisp, with a tender bite. The clean flavors are from all-natural ingredients. The light yeast finish is highlighted by just the right amount of sea salt.

Retailers merchandise Las Tapitas® flatbreads in the cheese or specialty department for maximum sales.

Foodservice customers serve these unique, rustic flatbreads in place of more standard foodservice ones. They’re perfect for catering events that feature cheese boards, dips, spreads, and salads. They work well on restaurant and hotel salad bars, and in bread baskets.

Three delicious Las Tapitas® varieties are available: Sesame, genuine Manchego cheese, and Rosemary and Sea Salt.

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