Mediterranean Olives & Flame Roasted Sweet Florina Peppers

Fresh Mediterranean Olives

The Greeks are known all over the world for their naturally-cured, delicious olives. Our Olympos® olives are cured with sea salt and water only. The natural curing process requires three to four months, after which Olympos® olives are perfectly cured, firm, yet tender. A sprinkling of herbs and a light drizzle of good sunflower oil complete the Olympos® recipe.

Olympos® olives are packed in a 5 lb. cryovac pouch, vacuumed and gas-flushed while fresh, for a long shelf life of 2+ years, unrefrigerated. Refrigerate after opening.

Olympos® flame roasted sweet Florina peppers are long, pointed, and perfectly sweet in flavor and finish. There is no bitter or metallic aftertaste, as is the case with many other pepper varieties. These peppers are grown and heisted Macedonia. They are roasted under a high-temperature flame roaster. The skin is removed, the pepper seeded, and then sweetened further with the addition of 100% natural grape must.

Red peppers are sweet from start to finish; yellow peppers have a light, smoked finish that makes these perfect for appetizer dishes, from stuffed peppers (with seafood salad, for example) to salads, and more.

Olympos® tahini is made from 100% roasted hull-less sesame seeds. The creamy texture and full, rich sesame flavor makes this outstanding ingredient essential for babaganoush, hummus, halva, and many other creative and delicious dishes.

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